News from NCETA

Flinders University 50th Anniversary Celebrations

20 May 2016

NCETA is celebrating its successful partnership with Flinders University by highlighting our pioneering research programs and quality, user-friendly resources read more

Employee Assistance Programs: A 50 year perspective

6 April 2016

NCETA has won a competitive international grant to conduct a historical review of the development and evolution of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) around the world from the 1960s through to the present time read more

Creating healthy workplaces: Reducing alcohol-related harm

23 March 2016

This report presents findings of NCETA's Workplace Reduction of Alcohol-Related Harm Project (WRAHP). It details the positive impacts that NCETA's Changing Workplace Cultures Model has on employees' behaviour and wellbeing. The report was launched by VicHealth at their Creating Healthy Workplaces Forum on 23 March 2016. read more

Ice: Training for Frontline Workers

21 January 2016

Ice: Training for Frontline Workers was developed by NCETA as part of the Victorian Government’s Ice Action Plan. It is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of frontline workers including those from the health and welfare, education, criminal justice and transport sectors read more

National Alcohol and Drug Knowledgebase (NADK): New Methamphetamine Section

19 January 2016

A new Methamphetamine knowledge base has been launched today by NCETA. It contains up-to-date information and data, in the form of 80 frequently asked questions (FAQs), about Methamphetamine, including crystal methamphetamine (ice). It forms part of NCETA’s National Alcohol and Drug Knowledgebase read more

Preventing and Reducing Alcohol- and Other Drug-Related Harm among Older People: A practical guide for health and welfare professionals

1 December 2015

The patterns and prevalence of alcohol and other drug use amongst older people is an emerging area of concern due to Australia's ageing population. This guide was developed by NCETA, in collaboration with Peninsula Health, Victoria, to assist specialist and generalist clinicians to assess and respond to the range of AOD-related harms impacting older people read more

Slots & Shots: Gambling Resources for AOD Workers

23 November 2015

Slots and Shots is a much needed suite of gambling resource for alcohol and other drug workers. It contains a tri-fold client handout, waiting room poster, a report, and a wallet sized quick reference reminder for clinicians. read more

Australia's National Alcohol and Drug Workforce Development Strategy

17 August 2015

NCETA was commissioned by the Intergovernmental Committee on Drugs (IGCD) to develop Australia’s first National Alcohol and Drug Workforce Development Strategy. This Strategy will be instrumental in further developing Australia's alcohol and other drug (AOD) workforce. The strategy contains 12 outcome areas and is also being used to inform workforce development initiatives in other countries read more

Professional Development Needs Assessment - Methamphetamine Treatment and Intervention

3 July 2015

NCETA is conducting a workforce development needs assessment to explore the views and experiences of alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment workers about the challenges involved in working with methamphetamine clients read more

New Publications

4 June 2015

In response to increasing concern about methamphetamine use in Australia, NCETA has released three new information sheets which aim to inform people about current patterns and trends in methamphetamine use, associated harms, and intervention options read more