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Alcohol Education for Australian Schools

17 December 2014

The issue of youth alcohol consumption has received considerable attention in recent years. Although a primary prevention approach has often been implemented in schools, the wide array of available programs makes it challenging for schools to determine which programs are optimal for their student population.

NCETA undertook a systematic review of school-based alcohol prevention programs with results published in three handy resources:

  1. A comprehensive systematic report
  2. A readily accessible information sheet which identifies the effectiveness of programs
  3. A peer reviewed paper: Lee, N., Cameron, J., Battams, S., & Roche, A.M.(2016). What works in school based alcohol education: A systematic reviewHealth Education Journal. Early Online View. doi: 10.1177/0017896915612227.
EN556_web.png Alcohol education for Australian schools: What are the most effective programs?

Alcohol Education: What Really Works in Schools?


This information booklet consolidates findings of a systematic review about alcohol education programs in schools. The booklet provides educators with readily accessible information about the programs which have been found to be effective in delaying and/or reducing alcohol use amongst students as well as building resilience. It also details programs which have been demonstrated to have little impact and/or negative effects.