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National Alcohol and Drug Knowledgebase (NADK): New Methamphetamine Section

19 January 2016

The NADK offers health practitioners, policy makers and the general public a valuable tool to help tackle alcohol- and other drug-related issues in their communities. It was developed by NCETA with the support of the Australian Government Department of Health.

The NADK is the only publically accessible, centrally located source of comprehensive alcohol and drug data. It utilises a diverse range of reliable data sources and presents key information in a simple, easy to use format. It was developed to provide a more concise and user-friendly way to access the mass of information contained in existing alcohol- and drug-related datasets covering diverse information about health, social welfare, law enforcement and education issues, which have in the past been difficult to locate, access, and utilise.


Methamphetamine FAQs

The Methamphetamine Section of the NADK was launched on Tuesday 19 January 2016 and can be accessed from: http://nadk.flinders.edu.au. Its timely release will help health and community service practitioners, law enforcement, and the public make sense of the current media spotlight on methamphetamine (particularly crystal methamphetamine (Ice)) use, harms, and treatment. 

The Methamphetamine Section includes 80 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on: 

  • General Methamphetamine Information
  • Australians' Attitudes Towards Methamphetamine
  • Use Patterns
  • Methamphetamine and Employment
  • Methamphetamine and Health
  • Methamphetamine and Crime
  • Treatment
  • Methamphetamine and Young People
  • Crystal Methamphetamine (Ice).


Cannabis FAQs

A new section of the NADK has been developed that specifically focusses on Cannabis. The Cannabis Section of the NADK was launched on Monday 27 July 2015 and can be accessed from: http://nadk.flinders.edu.au.

The Cannabis Section of the NADK includes 88 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on: 

  • General information and attitudes
  • Cannabis use patterns
  • Cannabis and employment
  • Cannabis and crime
  • The impact of cannabis use on physical and mental health
  • Treatment
  • Cannabis and young people. 

In expanding the Knowledgebase, NCETA has examined all relevant and reliable Australian datasets, and extracted key data or undertaken additional analyses to ensure that the best information is available and readily accessible.


Alcohol FAQs

The Alcohol Section of the Knowledgebase was launched in August 2014. It provides access to more than 130 frequently asked questions (FAQs) about:

  • Alcohol consumption patterns
  • Alcohol use and the workplace
  • Alcohol-related harms
  • The impact of alcohol consumption on crime and violence
  • Alcohol treatment
  • Alcohol consumption by young people.

The Alcohol Section of the NADK was updated in July 2015 to include more recently available data.



As new data becomes available the NADK will be revised and updated to ensure that current and reliable information is accessible.

Information about methamphetamine will be available shortly.

View the NADK.