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Professor Ann Roche Interviewed on ABC News

24 August 2017

Professor Ann Roche's interview on the ABC about the increasing levels of substance use among Australian Baby Boomers.


Baby boomers hitting the bottle and bongs at alarming levels, health experts warn

By medical reporter Sophie Scott and the National Reporting Team's Rebecca Armitage

Young people usually get the blame for binge drinking, but Australian health experts say it's their parents and grandparents who are abusing drugs and alcohol at an alarming rate.

Key points:

  • Binge drinking on the rise among those over the age of 40
  • Australians over 50 also have higher rates of illicit drug use than younger people
  • Researchers say new education campaigns are needed to help older drug users

In the UK and Australia, binge drinking is on the decline among all age groups — except those over the age of 40.


To hear the the full interview, follow the link below.