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Workforce Development TIPS

Theory Into Practice Strategies (TIPS): A Resource Kit for the Alcohol and Other Drugs Field

EN#113.jpgThe Workforce Development (WFD) 'TIPS' Kit provides a unique range of user-friendly and practical WFD tools and resources for the AOD workforce targeted at supervisors, managers, policy makers and other key individuals within the AOD field who are likely to engage in WFD activities and interventions. The kit is designed to assist with the development of strategies to:

  • support frontline workers (e.g., mentoring, stress management)
  • ensure high levels of skill and knowledge (e.g., professional development strategies, clinical supervision)
  • facilitate positive organisational change (e.g., change management tools and resources)
  • support effective team work (e.g., approaches to improve cohesion and communication)
  • optimise staff motivation and satisfaction (e.g., approaches to effectively supporting and rewarding staff, effective methods of providing feedback).

The TIPS kit consists of:

  1. An Overview Booklet [pdf, 289KB] and
  2. 14 Chapters:
Chapter1.jpgChapter 1 An Introduction to Workforce Development [pdf, 982KB] Chapter8.jpgChapter 8 Performance Appraisal [pdf, 1.4MB]
Chapter2.jpgChapter 2 Clinical Supervision [pdf, 1.7MB] Chapter9.jpgChapter 9 Professional Development [pdf, 2MB]
Chapter3.jpgChapter 3 Developing Effective Teams [pdf, 1.6MB] Chapter10.jpgChapter 10 Recruitment and Selection [pdf, 1.2MB]
Chapter 4.jpgChapter 4 Evaluating AOD Projects and Programs [pdf, 1.3MB] Chapter11.jpgChapter 11 Retention [pdf, 1.3Mb]
Chapter5.jpgChapter 5 Goal Setting [pdf, 1.3MB] Chapter12.jpgChapter 12 Worker Performance [pdf, 1.1MB]
Chapter6.jpgChapter 6 Mentoring [pdf, 1.3MB] Chapter13.jpgChapter 13 Worker Wellbeing [pdf, 1.3MB]
Chapter7.jpgChapter 7 Organisational Change [pdf, 2MB] Chapter14.jpgChapter 14 Workplace Support [pdf, 1.3MB]

Please note: the above PDF files require Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Acrobat installed on your system you can download it from the Adobe website.


Hurry - Free Copies

This kit is availble for free for a limited time. Please submit a resource order form to order hard copies of this kit. NB: There is a limit of 5 copies per organisation; however, if you do require more, please contact us on 08 8201 7535.