Terms commonly used in the alcohol and other drug field are listed below.

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The process of adopting an innovation within an organisation's working agenda (Ask et al, 1998). [Ask et al, 1998]

In-Service Training

Training and professional development of staff, often sponsored by the employer, and usually provided during normal working hours (Knight and Nestor, 2000). [Knight and Nestor, 2000]

Informal Education

The acquisition of knowledge and skills through experience, reading, social contact etc (Knight and Nestor, 2000). [Knight and Nestor, 2000]

Information Literacy

The ability to identify an information need, and then to find, collect, organise, evaluate and use the information (Knight and Nestor, 2000). [Knight and Nestor, 2000]

Information Supports

The range of individual, workplace and organisational factors that can encourage or inhibit information transfer.

Information Transfer

The transfer of training to the extent that the trainee applies knowledge or skills to the job and adapts or customises what has been trained to meet the trainee's specific needs on the job (Goldstein and Ford 2002).


Innovation is the conversion of knowledge and ideas into a benefit, which may be for commercial use or for the public good; the benefit may be new or improved products, processes or services (Department of Innovation and Information Economy, 2002).


An involvement (either planned or opportunistic) with an individual or organisation with the aim of changing a situation so as to alter or hinder an action or development.


The effects of a drug on a single occasion of use when taken in a sufficiently large quantity to alter one's state of consciousness. Also referred to as acute drug effects. Intoxication can range from mild to severe (NCETA, 2002).


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