Terms commonly used in the alcohol and other drug field are listed below.

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The process of acquiring knowledge, attitudes or skills from study, instruction, or experience (Miller and Findlay, 1996 cited by Knight and Nestor, 2000).

Learning Culture

An environment in which opportunities for learning are openly valued and supported and are built, where possible, into all activities (Knight and Nestor, 2000). [Knight and Nestor, 2000]

Learning Organisations

An organisation that is responsive to the larger context or environment, promotes discussion, team learning and collaboration among employees, empowers employees towards a "collective vision", develops systems to monitor and share learning, and creates ongoing learning opportunities for workers (Knapper, 2001 cites Watkins and Marsick, 1993).

Learning Pathway

A path or sequence of learning or experience that can be followed to attain competency (Knight and Nestor, 2000). [Knight and Nestor, 2000]

Licit Drug

A drug whose production, sale or possession is not prohibited. "Legal" drug is an alternative term (NCETA, 2002).

Lifelong Learning

  • learning throughout life
  • people plan and monitor their own learning
  • learners engage in self evaluation and reflection
  • assessment focuses on feedback for change and improvement
    (Knapper, 2001 cites Knapper and Cropley, 2000).

The process of acquiring knowledge or skills throughout life via education, training, work and general life experiences (Knight and Nestor, 2000). [Knight and Nestor, 2000]

Lifewide Learning

  • learning from life
  • learning is active, not passive
  • learning occurs in both formal and informal settings
  • people learn with and from peers
  • learners can locate and evaluate information from a wide range of sources
  • learners integrate ideas from different fields
  • people use different learning strategies as needed and appropriate
  • learning tackles real world problems
  • learning stresses process as well as content
    (Knapper, 2001 cites Knapper and Cropley, 2000).

Linking Agent or Linkage

Linking agent is an organisation or object (eg a manual) that helps endorse or disseminate an innovation to potential implementors ie an organisation or object that links the innovator/disseminator with the implementor (Ask et al, 1998). [Ask et al, 1998]


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