Terms commonly used in the alcohol and other drug field are listed below.

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Task Analysis

A process of identifying the elements or steps which make up a task or activities (Knight and Nestor, 2000). [Knight and Nestor, 2000]


Technology: the science of the application of knowledge to practical purposes; the application of scientific knowledge to practical purposes in a particular field (Webster's Third New International Dictionary, 1971).

Technology Transfer

The systematic process through which skills, techniques, models and approaches emanating from research are delivered to and applied by practitioners (CSAT, 2001)

Transforming what is useful into what is actually used.(CSAT, 2001) [CSAT, 2001]

Top Down

Focuses on an issue from the viewpoint of management rather than workers in the field.
(see also Bottom up)

Total Quality Management

A management system with a focus on customer satisfaction, involving a systematic approach to ensuring that products and services always meet defined standards and are subject to continuous improvement (Knight and Nestor, 2000). [Knight and Nestor, 2000]


The development of skills, knowledge, attitudes, competencies etc through instruction or practice (Knight and Nestor, 2000). [Knight and Nestor, 2000]

Training Transfer

The degree to which trainees apply what is learnt to their workplace (Pidd, 2002). [Pidd, 2002]

Translating Research into Practice

The process of applying research findings into practice in the "real" work setting. This process can be affected by a wide range of variables including organisational, individual and workplace factors.


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