Terms commonly used in the alcohol and other drug field are listed below.

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Work Setting

In the AOD field a work setting can include government services, NGOs, private medical and allied health practitioners.


The individuals who share similar workplaces and a common industry. In the AOD area, the group of workers whose primary role is to reduce the harm associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs (Community Services and Health Training Australia, 1999).

Workforce Development

See What is Workforce Development? section of this site.

Workforce Planning

Strategies that address the adequacy of the supply and distribution of the alcohol and other drug workforce in relation to policy objectives and the consequential demand for alcohol and drug workers (Ridoutt et al, 2002). [Ridoutt et al, 2002]

Workplace Learning

The process by which workers acquire skills, knowledge and attributes in a formal or informal manner through the course of their routine work.

Learning or training undertaken in the workplace, usually on the job, including on-the-job training under normal operational conditions, and on-site training, which is conducted away from the work process (eg in a training room) (Knight and Nestor, 2000). [Knight and Nestor, 2000]


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