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Supporting dental hygienists to assist patients to quit smoking: Results of a survey.

Freeman, T; Roche, AM; Williamson, P; Pidd K; Skinner, N (2007). Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation for Oral Health Professionals Conference. Melbourne Victoria 2-3 February

Supporting frontline workers with key information & resources about crystal methamphetamine

Trifonoff, A Nicholas, R (2018).

Surgery and drug use.

National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA) (2003). Resource Kit for GP Trainers on Illicit Drug Issues.

Symbolic capital and drinking experience among young Australian women.

Lunnay, B; Roche, AM; Bywood, P; Ward, P (2007). South Australian Public Health and Health Promotion Conference, 'Population Health Impact of Health Services Research'. Adelaide South Australia 20-Oct

Symbolic capital, drinking experience, & young women (14-17 years)

Lunnay, B. (2009). Masters (Research) Seminar Bedford Park, Adelaide South Australia 13 March

A systematic review of hospital alcohol screening studies: Bridging the epidemiology-policy divide.

Freeman, T; Roche, AM; Skinner, N (2004). Australasian Epidemiological Association Annual Conference. Adelaide South Australia 10-12 October

A systems approach to the evaluation of training programs and other workforce development strategies.

Pidd, K (2004). South Australian Branch of the Australian Evaluation Society. Adelaide South Australia 24-Aug

Team awareness training as a response to work-related alcohol and other drug use.

Pidd, K (2003). Employee Assistance Professional Association of Australia's Corporate Responses to Fitness for Work Seminar. Adelaide South Australia 16-Sep

The theory of planned behaviour as an explanation of apprentices' alcohol and marijuana use at work.

Pidd, K; Boeckmann, R; Lynd-Stevenson, R (2007). 7th Industrial / Organisational Psychology Conference (IOP) / 1st Asia Pacific Congress on Work and Organisational Psychology (APCWOP) 'Better Work. Better Organisations. Better World.' Adelaide South Australia 28 June - 1 July

To screen or not to screen for alcohol problems in hospital settings: Empirical and practical considerations.

Skinner, N; Roche, A; Scamps, E; Watts, S; Freeman, T (2003). Australian Professional Society for Alcohol and Other Drugs (APSAD) Conference. Brisbane Queensland 16-19 November

"Top Down & Bottom Up" Strengthening the NT AOD Workfroce: A workforce development assessment

Roche, A Trifonoff, A (2018). AADANT 2018 Conference

Training and workforce development issues in the alcohol and other drugs sector: Investing in people working within the system.

Roche, AM (2001). 'Shaping our Future' Network of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies Drug and Alcohol Conference. Sydney New South Wales June

Training evaluation: Concepts and instruments.

Roche, AM (2007). 50th International ICAA Jubilee Conference on Alcohol and Dependencies. Stockholm Sweden 10-15 June

Training general practitioners to prescribe methadone (and other pharmacotherapies): Outcomes and uptake in four jurisdictions.

Hotham, L; Roche, A; Skinner, N (2003). APSAD. April

Training transfer: What, how, and wherefore art thou?

Shoobridge, J (2002).

Transfer of knowledge: From science to practice.

Roche, AM (2005). 48th International ICAA Conference on Dependencies Science, Politics and the Practitioners. Budapest Hungary 23-28 October

Treatment Options & Efficacy.

National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA) (2003). Resource Kit for GP Trainers on Illicit Drug Issues.

Turning towards culture': The uses of cultural sociology in public health research on young people.

Borlagdan, J; Roche, AM; Pidd, K; Bywood, P; Lunnay, B (2007). South Australian Public Health and Health Promotion Conference, 'Population Health Impact of Health Services Research'. Adelaide South Australia 20-Oct

Typologies of young people's alcohol and other drug use: Clusters of risk.

Roche, AM; Freeman, T (2007). The Combined APSAD (Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs) and Cutting Edge Addiction Conference, 'Two Nations, Ten Cultures?' Auckland New Zealand 4-7 November

Underage drinking patterns in Australia.

Carroll, T (2004). Underage Drinking Forum. Melbourne Victoria 7-Oct

Understanding & managing alcohol & drug related risk to safety & productivity in the mining industry

Pidd, K. (2012). Miners’ Health and Wellbeing Conference Perth Western Australia 7th - 8th March

Understanding & managing alcohol and drug related risk to workplace health & safety

Pidd, K., & Roche, A.M. (2011). 29th Annual AIOH Conference Brisbane Queensland 3rd – 7th December

Understanding Crystal Methamphetamine: Patterns, Prevalence and Problems.

Roche,A. (2016). Eradicating Australia’s Ice Epidemic Forum

Understanding drug use.

Roche, AM (2001). National Problem, Local Solution. Brisbane Queensland 3-5 December

Understanding systematic reviews – a tool for best practice.

Bywood, P; Lunnay, B; Roche, AM (2006). Drug and Alcohol Nurses of Australasia (DANA) Bridging Evidence and Practice Conference. Sydney New South Wales 21–23 June

The Unfolding Ab Fab Phenomenon: Alcohol and drug use among older Australians

Roche, A (2016). National Primary Health Care Conference

Unravelling Methamphetamine Use and its Impact in Australia

Roche, A., McEntee, A., Fischer, J. & Kostodainov V. (2015). APSAD Scientific Conference 2015 Perth Western Australia

Utilisation of specialist & non-specialist healthcare services for alcohol & other drug problems in South Australia

Roche, A McEntee, A Fischer, J Duraisingam, V Kostadinov, V (2017). Adelaide and Country SA PHNs

Vertical drinking and other forms of manipulation to the drinking environment.

Roche, AM (2006). 5th International Conference on Drugs & Young People. Randwick New South Wales 24-26 May

Vocational Education & Training Certificate iV in AOD work as a workforce development strategy

Pidd, K & Roche, A.M. (2010). The Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs (APSAD) Conference Canberra Australian Capital Territory 29 November - 1 December

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