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From passion to professionalism: Current shapers and drivers of the AOD workforce.

Roche, AM (2006). Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and Other Drugs (APSAD) Annual Conference 'Drugs: Meeting New Challenges'. Cairns Queensland 5-8 November

From school to work: The under-utilised potential of the workplace as a setting for prevention and early intervention.

Pidd, K (2006). 5th International Conference on Drugs & Young People. Randwick New South Wales 24-26 May

Future directions for early intervention and prevention: A synopsis.

Roche, AM (2002). SA Drug Summit. Adelaide South Australia 24-28 June

Getting evidence into practice in preventive health care settings: Preliminary results of a systematic review.

Bywood, P; Lunnay, B; Roche, AM (2006). South Australian Public Health and Health Promotion Conference, 'Population Health Impact of Health Services Research'. Adelaide South Australia 20-Oct

Getting it right: Peer education and training.

McDonald, J; Roche, A; Durbridge, M; Skinner, N (2003). Peer Education

The good, the bad and the ugly: Review of thinking drinking: achieving cultural change by 2020.

Roche, AM (2007). Thinking Drinking: From Problems to Solutions. Melbourne Victoria 26-28 February

GP handbook and training package: “Updating the handbook for medical practitioners and other health care workers on alcohol and other drug problems and; developing an associated national training package for medical practitioners on illicit drug issues for the Department of Health and Aged Care”.

Roche, AM (2001). Department of Health and Aged Care.

Guidelines for implementing guidelines.

Bywood, P; Lunnay, B; Roche, AM (2006). National Institute of Clinical Studies (NICS) Using Evidence: Using Guidelines Symposium. Melbourne Victoria 19-20 October

Harm Minimisation.

National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA) (2003). Resource Kit for GP Trainers on Illicit Drug Issues.

Hospital alcohol screening studies: A systematic review and an examination of the epidemiology-policy divide.

Freeman, T; Roche, AM; Skinner, N (2004). 47th International ICAA Conference 'Vision for the Future'. Venice Italy 1-5 November

Illicit drugs in the Australian workforce: Prevalence and patterns of use.

Bywood, P (2006). 24/7: Work-Related Alcohol & Drug Use. A National Forum. Adelaide South Australia 29–30 June

The impact of alcohol (misuse) in Australia.

Roche, AM (2005). Winemakers' Federation of Australia. Sydney New South Wales 3-Mar

Implementing routine, ongoing treatment outcome monitoring for clients of alcohol and other drug treatment services.

Copeland, J; Lawrinson, P; Roche, AM (2006). 12th Annual National Conference on Health Outcomes. Canberra Australian Capital Territory 9–10 August

In pursuit of excellence

Roche, A.M. (2010). 5th Australian Drug Strategy Conference Melbourne Victoria 8-11 March

Indigenous AOD workers wellbeing, stress and burnout, 2007 - 2009

Marshall, B. (2008). SANDAS and NCETA Forum: Creating a Healthy Work Culture Adelaide South Australia 7 February

Indigneous AOD worker wellbeing: Findings from a multi-method study

Roche A.M. & NCETA (2010). The Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs (APSAD) Conference Canberra Australian Capital Territory 29 November - 1 December

Inequalities and addiction.

Roche, AM (2004). ABC Program Perspectives 14-Apr

The Job-Demands Resources Model as a framework for investigating worker wellbeing in the alcohol and other drug (AOD) sector.

Todd, C; Roche, AM; Bond, MJ; Pidd, K (2007). The Combined APSAD (Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs) and Cutting Edge Addiction Conference, 'Two Nations, Ten Cultures?' Auckland New Zealand 4-7 November

A job-demands resources model for promoting worker wellbeing: A randomised controlled trial

Todd, C., Roche, A.M., Bond, M.J. & Pidd, K. (2010). 27th International Congress of Applied Psychology Melbourne Victoria 11 - 16 July

Key Project Findings from NCETA.

Roche, AM (2007). Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. Canberra Australian Capital Territory 8-Feb

Key research and developments in the AOD field.

Roche, AM (2007). NSW Drug and Alcohol Workforce Development Council Symposium. Universities: Strengthening the Alcohol and Other Drugs Workforce. Sydney New South Wales 14-May

Key workforce development issues for the alcohol and other drugs non-government sector.

Roche, AM (2003). Annual Conference of the Victorian Association on Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies (VAADA). Melbourne Victoria 1-2 December

Lifestyle factors affecting wellbeing in menopausal women.

Dunn, N (2000).

Liquor licensing issues in Australia: An overview

Trifonoff, A. (2010). Tasmania Police Liquor Licensing Forum Hobart Tasmania 13 October

Logistics in delivering brief training in smoking cessation.

Hotham, L (2001). Public Health Research Unit & Women's and Children's Hospital & Douglas Mawson Institute of Tafe.

Making data work for you

Pidd, K., Roche, A., Fischer, J., & Trifonoff, A. (2012). APSAD Conference Melbourne Victoria 18th – 21st November

Making sense of drug use.

National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA) (2003). Resource Kit for GP Trainers on Illicit Drug Issues.

Mapping alcohol and drug related risk to workplace safety and injury

Pidd, K. (2009). 9th National Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Melbourne VIctoria 27 July

Marijuana & cannabis.

National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA) (2003). Resource Kit for GP Trainers on Illicit Drug Issues.

Mentoring: An age old strategy for a rapidly expanding field.

McDonald, J (2002). Mentoring Kit