Speakers & Presentations

An array of nationally and internationally acclaimed speakers representing the alcohol and other drugs, health, ageing, and aged care sectors have been confirmed for the Grey Matters Conference. Download the Speaker and Presentation Overview Booklet.


Professor Ann Roche, Director, National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction, Flinders University

Professor Ann Roche is the Director of the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA). She has 30 years’ experience in public health and has worked as a researcher, educator, and policy analyst with a particular focus on the alcohol and other drugs drug field. Ann has published extensively in alcohol and drug-related public health areas, including over 100 papers and reports, with several books and book chapters. She has worked as a consultant to the World Health Organization, undertaken numerous consultancies for government and non-government bodies and has acted as an adviser on a wide range of committees in the alcohol and drug field.

Download presentation: The changing face of ageing

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Professor Brian Draper, Director, Academic Department for Old Age Psychiatry, Prince of Wales Hospital Sydney

Professor Brian Draper is an old age psychiatrist and Conjoint Professor, School of Psychiatry, UNSW and Director, Academic Department for Old Age Psychiatry, Prince of Wales Hospital Sydney. He is Board Member of the International Psychogeriatric Association and Deputy Director of the Dementia Collaborative Research Centre based at UNSW. Dr Draper has published extensively on clinical aspects of dementia and old age mental health including co-editing the book ‘Alcohol and the Adult Brain’ (2014).

Download presentation: Alcohol and drugs and the ageing brain

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Professor Paul Haber, Medical Director, Drug Health Services, Sydney and South West Sydney Local Health Districts

Professor Paul Haber is a physician specialising in addiction medicine and
gastroenterology / hepatology. He is Clinical Director, Drug Health Services, Sydney Local Health District  and has been a consultant to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for 12 years. He is a Foundation Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians Chapter of Addiction Medicine, and a conjoint Professor at the University of Sydney. His research has been funded by grants from NIH, NHMRC, AERF and DVA.

Download presentation: Alcohol and other drug treatment and prevention  perspectives

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Dr Stephen Bright, Manager, Peninsula Health Alcohol and Other Drug Services, Victoria

Dr Stephen Bright is a clinically-trained psychologist, and identifies as an ethnopharmacologist (a person who studies the human relationship with drugs). He is the manager of Peninsula Health's Alcohol and Other Drug Services Victoria and coordinates the teaching of addiction studies at Curtin University. Stephen is vice-president of PRISM, a not-for-profit organisation that facilitates positive drug research in Australia. He has published papers on a variety of topics including psychotherapy, psychometrics and drug policy.

Download presentation: Screening for alcohol and other drug problems  among older populations

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Associate Professor Debra Rowett, PSM, Director, Drug and Therapeutics Information Service, Repatriation General Hospital, South Australia

Associate Professor Debra Rowett is Vice President of the Australian Pharmacy Council and also the Chair of the Accreditation Committee of the Australian Pharmacy Council.  Debra has a particular interest in aged care, palliative care, pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacovigilance.  She also has a strong interest in health policy and workforce development. She is the Director, Drug and Therapeutics Information Service at the Repatriation General Hospital, South Australia.

Download presentation: Older people and harms from medicines: A  pharmacy perspective

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Professor Malcolm Battersby, Director, Flinders University Human Behaviour and Health Research Unit

Professor Malcolm Battersby is Professor of Psychiatry and Director of Flinders Human Behaviour and Health Research Unit and course leader of the Mental Health Science programs at Flinders University. He is also the Director of the Flinders Centre for Gambling. He was awarded a Harkness Research Fellowship in the study of chronic conditions self-management in the United States during 2003-2004 and has led the development of the Flinders Program of chronic condition management, now provided across Australia and internationally.

Download presentation: Post-traumatic stress disorder and alcohol and drug problems: A focus on military veterans

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Dr Tim Semple, Senior Specialist, Royal Adelaide Hospital Pain Clinic

Dr Tim Semple is a senior pain specialist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital with clinical time shared equally between pain medicine and anaesthesia. He enjoys providing outreach services to regional South Australia and the Northern Territory. He has had a long interest in implementing pain management approaches at a primary health care level and in raising the profile of pain management activities within the Commonwealth coding of healthcare.

Download presentation: Pain, older people and opioids and over the counter medicines

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Associate Professor Whitehead, Geriatrician, Department of Rehabilitation and Aged Care, Repatriation General Hospital, South Australia

Associate Professor Craig Whitehead is a consultant geriatrician at Flinders University and is an active clinician in both public and private practice. He is also the current president of the Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine, Chair of the SA Health Older People Clinical Network, and has also been appointed to the national Lead Clinicians’ Group. His research interests include falls, residential aged care and health services for older patients.

Download presentation: Polypharmacy plus alcohol and other drugs: Implications for older people

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Professor Mary Luszcz, Director, Flinders University Centre Ageing Studies

Professor Mary Luszcz is a Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor in Psychology and in Gerontology at Flinders University and Director of the Flinders Centre for Ageing Studies. She is also a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. Mary leads a multidisciplinary collaborative effort tracking the lives of Australians over the age of 70 for the past 20 years. She holds an Australian Research Council (ARC)-Discovery grant for this project and an ARC-Linkage grant for her work on the daily lives of people over the age of 85. Since December 2010, Prof Luszcz has convened the South Australian Active Ageing Research Cluster instituted by the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Download presentation: Trends in medicine use among older Australians

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Mr Ian Yates, Chief Executive, Council on the Ageing, Australia

Mr Ian Yates AM is Chief Executive of COTA Australia, the national peak body for COTAs (Councils on the Ageing) in each State and Territory of Australia.  Ian has played national leadership roles in COTA since 2002.   Ian is also a member of the ASIC consumer advisory panel and a member of the Advisory Board of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research. His COTA roles include Chair of the management committee of the Australasian Journal on Ageing and director of COTA’s insurance and membership business arms. 

Presentation: Alcohol, medicines and other drugs: The rights of older Australians

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Professor Leon Lack, Consultant Psychologist, Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health

Professor Leon Lack is a Professor in the School of Psychology, Flinders University and a visiting Clinical Psychologist at the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health (AISH). He is acknowledged internationally as one of the world’s leaders in behavioural management of insomnia and has conducted extensive research in sleep, circadian rhythms and insomnia over 30 years. For the last 20 years he has directed a clinic for the non-drug treatment of insomnia at AISH and has supervised many clinical masters and PhD students in this area. He was a co-founder of the Australasian Sleep Association and its president from 1Save989-1992.

Download presentation: Sleep, older people, alcohol and other drugs

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Professor Margaret Hamilton, AO, University of Melbourne

Professor Margaret Hamilton AO has over forty years’ experience in the alcohol and other drug field including clinical work, education, research and policy and programme development. She has a background in social work and public health and has conducted research in epidemiology, policy, evaluation (prevention and treatment), young people and drugs, alcohol problems and overseen or advised on much more. She was an Executive member of the former Australian National Council on Drugs for all of its 16 years and was the founding Director of Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre in Victoria. She continues in a range of roles on boards and advisory groups in this sector.

Download presentation: Bringing it all together: Potential cross-sectoral responses

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