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van de Ven, Katinka Ritter, Alison Roche, Ann (2019). Alcohol and other drug (AOD) staffing and their workplace: examining the relationship between clinician and organisational workforce characteristics and treatment outcomes in the AOD field Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy

Nicholas, R., Ryan, K., & Roche, A. M. (2019). Enhancing Australia’s Clinical Research Capacity to Respond to Methamphetamine and Emerging Drugs NCETA

Roche, A. M., Trifonoff, A., & Ryan, K (2019). Methamphetamine use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: Intervention options for workers National Centre for Education and Training in Addiction (NCETA), Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia

Roche, A., Trifonoff, A,. Fischer, J. (2019). Northern Territory Alcohol and Other Drugs Workforce Developmetn Strategic Framework PHN Northern Territory

Roche, A., Kostadinov, V., Pidd, K. (2019). The Stigma of Addiction in the workplace, Chapter 10 The Stigma of Addiction in the Workplace Springer

Cameron, J., Pidd, K., Roche, A.M., Lee, N., Jenner, L. (2018). A co-produced cultural approach to workplace alcohol interventions: barriers and facilitators Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy

Roche, AM Kostadinov, V (2018). Baby boomers and booze: we should be worried about how older Australians are drinking Medical Journal of Australia

Roche, A., Kostadinov, V., Hodge, S., Duraisingam, V., McEntee, A., Pidd, K., Nicholas, R. (2018). Characteristics & well-being of the NSW non-government AOD workforce NCETA

Roche, Ann Kostadinov, Victoria McEntee, Alice Allan, Julaine Meumann, Nicholas McLaughlin, Lara (2018). Evaluation of a workshop to address drugs and alcohol in the workplace Emeraldinsight

Tait, R., Whetton, S., Shanahan, M., Cartwright, K., Ferrante, A., Gray, D., Kaye, S., McKetin, R., Pidd, K., Ritter, A., Roche, A., Allsop, S. (2018). Quantifying the societal cost of methamphetamine use to Australia International Journal of Drug Policy

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