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Roche, A M., Trifonoff, A., Nicholas, R (2016). Ice: Training for Frontline Workers Facilitator’s Guide to Face toFace Training NCETA

Roche, A., Kostadinov, V., Fischer, J., Nicholas, R., O'Rourke, K., Pidd, K., & Trifonoff, A. (2015). Addressing inequities in alcohol consumption and related harms. Health Promotion International, 30(suppl 2), ii20-ii35.

White, M., Roche, A., Trifonoff, A., Matalon, E., & Elkins, K. (2014). Cannabis makes the grade: A resource to support the development of a ‘cannabis competent’ workforce in the AOD sector. Adelaide, South Australia: National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA), Flinders University.

Roche, A., Trifonoff, A., White, M., Evans, K., Battams, S., Adams, V., & Scarfe, A. (2014). From Policy to Implementation: Child and Family Sensitive Practice in the Alcohol and Other Drugs Sector. Civic Square, ACT: Australian National Council on Drugs.

Roche, A., Steenson, T., Trifonoff, A., & Fischer, J. (2014). FundAssist: A toolkit to help non-government alcohol and other drug organisations prepare, plan, and write funding applications. Adelaide, South Australia: National Centre for Education and Training in Addiction (NCETA), Flinders University.

Roche, A.M., Trifonoff, A., & White, M. (2014). Implementing child and family sensitive practice in alcohol and other drug settings: Practical strategies for workers. Drug and Alcohol Review, 33(Supplement 1), 13

Nicholas, R., Trifonoff, A., & Roche, A.M. (2014). Liquor licensing legislation - Australian police perspectives. In E. Manton, R. Room, C. Giorgi & M. Thorn (Eds.), Stemming the tide of alcohol: Liquor licensing and the public interest. Canberra: Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education in collaboration with The University of Melbourne.

Roche, A.M., Fischer, J., McCarthy, C., & Trifonoff, A. (2014). Patrons’ views about smoking in outdoor areas of licensed premises in Adelaide, South Australia: A pilot study. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 38(5), 491-492.

Trifonoff, A., Nicholas, R., Roche, A.M., Steenson, T., & Andrew, R. (2014). What Police Want From Liquor Licensing Legislation: The Australian Perspective. Police Practice And Research: An International Journal.

Hughes, C., Roche, A.M., Bywood, P., & Trifonoff, A. (2013). Audience-Response Devices (‘Clickers’): A Discussion Paper On Their Potential Contribution To Alcohol Education In Schools. Health Education Journal, 72(1), 47-55.

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