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Indigenous AOD Workers' Wellbeing Resources

Aboriginal Mental Health Cultural Competency Test (CCT)

Type: Resource
Author: Westerman, T.
Publisher: Indigenous Psychological Services
Year: 2003

Aimed at practitioners who are working with Aboriginal clients impacted by mental ill health, the Aboriginal Mental Health Cultural Competency Test (CCT) assesses current levels of cultural competency and provides a comprehensive feedback report which can be used as a cultural supervision plan for further skill development.

The areas of cultural competency assessed include:

  • Aboriginal mental health knowledge: gauges current working knowledge of Indigenous mental health, both local and generic
  • Skills and abilities: provides feedback on skills in counselling, therapies and assessment techniques in a manner that ensures effectiveness with Aboriginal mental health clients
  • Beliefs and attitudes: provides an indication of the extent to which prevailing beliefs are consistent with working effectively in Indigenous mental health,
  • Resources and linkages: provides an indication of the extent to which networks and resources are sufficient to ensure that appropriate interventions and treatments are able to be provided for individual Aboriginal clients, and
  • Organisational cultural competencies: gauges views on how your organisation functions across different levels.

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