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The General Cultural Competency Test (GCCT) for Aboriginal Australians

Type: Resource
Author: Westerman, T.
Publisher: Indigenous Psychological Services
Year: 2003

Dr Westerman developed cultural competency testing to enable individuals and organisations to consider their gaps and strengths in the essential skills, knowledge and abilities related to working in culturally appropriate ways with Aboriginal people.

The test also clarifies the types of strategies that need to be employed within organisations to achieve specific changes to worker skills and organisational structures. On completion of the GCCT, a comprehensive feedback report is provided which can be used as a cultural supervision plan to guide future training and development.

The areas of cultural competence assessed by the GCCT include:

  • Cultural knowledge
  • Skills
  • Beliefs, attitudes and encounters
  • Organisational cultural competencies.

The online test may be purchased. Please contact the publisher for further details.

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