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Indigenous AOD Workers' Wellbeing Resources

Start Stronger, Live Longer: Resource Manual Guide For Aboriginal Health Workers

Type: Resource
Author: Kulunga Research Network
Publisher: Kulunga Research Network
Year: 2010

This resource package was produced to increase Aboriginal Health Workers' knowledge in the areas of maternal, child, and adolescent health and wellbeing. The aim of the resource is to empower Aboriginal Health Workers so they can continue to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people and communities.

The resource package consists of eight different sections covering the following health areas:

  • Introduction
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Aboriginal infants and children
  • Aboriginal adolescents and young people
  • Nutrition and being active
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Smoking, alcohol, and other substances
  • Health promotion and research.

Each section can be individually downloaded from the Kulunga website and includes references, web links, and program information relevant to the section topic.

The Start Stronger, Live Longer resource package is designed for Aboriginal health workers. The resource can be used an educational tool when training Aboriginal health workers and would also be a useful reference for Aboriginal health workers and other health practitioners when working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients.

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