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Alcohol & Other Drug National Workforce Survey 2019-2020


Findings are now available from the first national survey of the AOD workforce for over 10 years

Australia’s AOD Workforce National Survey was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health

The AOD National Workforce Survey is a unique & valuable resource for the AOD sector:

  • First national AOD workforce survey since 2005
  • Based on existing jurisdictional AOD workforce surveys and scientifically validated measures
  • Included government, non-government and private sectors in every Australian jurisdiction
  • Captured a diverse group of over 1500 respondents representing more than 30 occupations across various work roles including management, research and frontline service delivery
  • Addressed a range of contemporary workforce development issues for the AOD sector & AOD organisations.


The AOD National Workforce Survey addressed a range of workforce development topics including:

  • Workforce demographics (personal and social)
  • Work role (employment arrangements and conditions)
  • Professional development opportunities and barriers
  • Job quality and the experience of work
  • Organisation characteristics
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Worker health and wellbeing.


Dr Natalie Skinner Webinar presenting:

Key findings from the recent AOD National Workforce Survey.






Download the report here.










Download a set of infographics highlighting key data and insights on:





The AOD National Workforce Survey Survey Protocol is a valuable research translation tool for the AOD sector. This resource provides:

  • Detailed information about the background and development of the survey
  • Support and guidance for researchers and practitioners to incorporate the AOD National Workforce Survey measures into AOD workplace or workforce surveys
  • Full details of the survey items and response scales, including original sources
  • Access to high quality scientifically validated survey measures of key workforce development issues
  • Summary data which can be used to compare new survey findings with comparative data from the 2019-2020 AOD National Workforce Survey (if the National Survey measures are used in new surveys).


Download a copy here:


to all of the AOD workers who participated in the survey and shared their views and experiences.


The research team would like to express our gratitude to our Project Reference Group for their input and support: Michelle Cornish (DASSA), Scott Drummond (VAADA), Cecelia Gore (NT Government), Jen Harland (University of Adelaide), Anke van der Sterren (ATODA).

We are grateful for the support from member organisations of the Australian AOD Peaks Network for their support in survey promotion and dissemination.

Funding for the Victorian data collection was primarily provided by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

For additional information contact the Project Manager, Dr Natalie Skinner (natalie.skinner@flinders.edu.au) (+61 8 7421 9667).

This research project was approved by the Flinders University Social and Behavioural Research Ethics Committee, the Southern Adelaide Clinical Human Research Ethics Committee under the National Mutual Acceptance Scheme, and jurisdictional research ethics and governance bodies where required.