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Effective Dissemination: A 3-part Series on Dissemination and Implementation Strategies for the AOD Field

Effective innovations, such as treatments, programs, therapies and devices, are not automatically implemented into practice, even when practitioners are aware of them and willing to change their behaviour. Typically, there is a gap between what is known to be effective (and costeffective) and what is used in practice.


Effective Dissemination Resource Kit

Effective Dissemination_Resource Kit_med.jpgA range of strategies have been developed to facilitate the implementation of innovations into practice. However, dissemination and implementation strategies have varying degrees of effectiveness, depending on a suite of different variables, including the target population and behaviour that is required to change and the context in which the changes are to occur. As evidence-based dissemination strategies are fundamental building blocks of effective workforce development, this resource has been developed to provide the necessary research basis to assist selection and implementation of appropriate strategies to achieve professional behavior change.

The package contains three publications, plus a CD containing 70 annotated ppt slides. It addresses effective dissemination and professional behaviour change in the AOD field and also provides an excellent resource as a teaching tool. The CD ROM is fully annotated with a list of helpful references provided and can be readily used for teaching purposes. In addition, Part 3 of the package which examines in one concise volume 20 key theories and models relevant to professional practice change will also be a useful teaching tool and a user-friendly student resource.

Part 1. A Systematic Review of Implementation Strategies for the AOD Field

Part one is systematic review of the effectiveness of 16 dissemination and implementation strategies.  One hundred and ten studies (including 25 existing systematic reviews) were evaluated, from which the four more effective strategies were identified.

Part 2. An Examination of the Costs of Implementation Strategies for the AOD Field

Part two is a review of the costs of implementing innovations and implications of using dissemination strategies for the AOD field.  Sixteen studies (including two existing systematic reviews) were examined

Part 3. An examination of theories and Models of Change for Research Dissemination in the AOD Field

Part three reviews 20 key theories and models of change that underpin the use of Dissemination strategies and their implications for the AOD Field. 

Part 4. A CD Rom containing PowerPoint slides


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