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Within the AOD workforce, remuneration is a complex and topical issue.  Inadequate remuneration is a recognised barrier to the recruitment and retention of qualified staff, and substantial disparity in levels of remuneration exist between government and non-government employees. Further complicating the issue of remuneration is the large number of industrial awards and agreements that have historically existed across jurisdictions.

Recently, the Australian Industrial Relations Commission undertook an Awards Modernisation Process in which the large number of existing State and Federal awards were to be rationalised into a much smaller number of less complex awards by January 2010. 

The new award that will apply to private, non-government and community sector AOD workers will be the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 [pdf, 252KB].

This award only replaces existing awards in the federal system. It does not apply to workers employed under a workplace agreement or employed in the public sector. To find out more about award modernisation, or to find a modern award or registered workplace agreement visit the Fair Work Australia website.

To find out more about public sector awards visit the following websites: