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Publications and Guidelines

Australian Safety and Compensation Council. (2007). Work-related alcohol and drug use: A fit for work issue. Australian Government Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, Canberra (pdf 607KB).

SafeWork SA. (2006). Guidelines for Addressing alcohol and other drugs in the workplace. Government of South Australia, Adelaide (pdf 115KB).

Workcover NSW. (2006). Alcohol and other drugs in the workplace: Guide to developing a workplace alcohol and other drugs policy. Workcover NSW, Gosford (pdf 1.5MB).

Worksafe Victoria. (2005). Alcohol in the workplace: Guidelines for developing a workplace alcohol policy. Victorian WorkCover Authority, Melbourne (pdf 204KB).

Worksafe Victoria. (2009). A handbook for the earth resources industry: Management of alcohol and drugs in mines. Victorian WorkCover Authority, Melbourne (pdf 2.3KB).

SafeWork Western Australia guidelines (pdf 730kB)

UnionSafe factsheets for safety reps website

The management of alcohol and drug related issues in the workplace. International Labor Office, Geneva (pdf 488kB)


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