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Managing Drug and Alcohol Risk to Safety and Worker Wellbeing

3 May 2018

Workplace Projects

Alcohol and other drug (AOD) related harm in the workplace is a significant and complex issue. It costs Australian workplaces billions per year in lost profits due to accidents and employee absenteeism as well as presenteeism. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all approach to addressing AOD related workplace harms. A targeted approach is needed. See below for more information about:

Current projects


Current Projects

Managing Drug and Alcohol Risk to Safety and Worker Wellbeing

NCETA is conducting a three year (2018-20) project to strengthen organisational, employer, and employee responses to AOD risks in the workplace.

In collaboration with industry and workplace stakeholders, NCETA will develop tailored tools and techniques to help employers and employees manage harmful alcohol and drug related risks in the workplace.

Resources will include:

  • How to assess and control alcohol and drug risks
  • Practical workplace responses to reduce alcohol and drug harms
  • Information on employer/employee legislative responsibilities
  • A model alcohol and drug workplace policy
  • Online training modules.

Register Your Organisation’s Interest

Your workplace is invited to participate in this project. You will receive:

  1. A free workplace safety risk assessment provided by Australia’s leading experts in managing workplace alcohol and drug risk
  2. Help to address any identified risk
  3. Access to a wide range of resources, training and ongoing support.

Employee Participants 

In addition, employees may register their interest in participating in this project. Employees will be required to test and provide feedback about resources developed.

Please contact us to register your interest in being involved in this project. For more information, download the information brochure.


NCETA’s WorkLife program undertakes research, develops resources, and consults with a wide range of workplaces to help them understand how AOD harms impact their workplace, implement appropriate and realistic policies and practices, and develop skilled and knowledgeable staff to reduce the risks associated with employee AOD use. For more information about NCETA’s current, visit the workplace projects, resources, and research sections of this website.