An Information and Resource Package to respond to Alcohol and other Drug Issues in the Workplace

EN149_2006_NCETA.jpgTo assist workplaces to respond to AOD related harm in the workplace, NCETA has produced a workplace Information and Resource Package.

Information this resource is presented in a user-friendly format and translates current state-of-the-art research knowledge into practical, useful guidelines. An occupational health and safety approach is adopted that incorporates both the prevention and treatment of AOD issues in the workplace. It provides a ‘best practice' model for responding to AOD related harm in the workplace.

The Information and Resource Package is relevant to:

  • supervisors, managers, human resource and OHS&W personnel
  • representatives of employee and employer organisations
  • representatives of EAP and other workplace service/counselling providers
  • workplace trainers and representatives of training organisations
  • community health and/or drug and alcohol workers.

The Information and Resource Package provides information on:

  • developing an alcohol and other drug policy
  • types of drugs, their effects, and potential consequences for workplace
  • training and educating employees
  • other useful prevention and intervention strategies
  • strategy/response evaluation
  • a list of useful contacts for obtaining further assistance and resources.

The Information and Resource Package also contains a set of factsheets about commonly used drugs and their impact on safety and well-being of individual employees, and overall safety and productivity of the workplace.

The Information and Resource Package is presented in three sections.

To download a free PDF version of the Package please click on the following links:


  EN409_Booklet 1_2006_NCETA.jpg Booklet 1 - Useful Information

  (pdf 2.1MB)



Info and resource package Booklet2 small.jpg


  Booklet 2 - Useful Resources and Contacts

  (pdf 920kB)



Factsheet 1.jpg








A hard copy version of the Information and Resource Package can be purchased ($25.00) from NCETA. Click here to order. 

The Information and resource Package is a companion resource to the NCETA Training Kit to Respond to Alcohol and Other Drug Issues in the Workplace.

Please note: the above PDF files require Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Acrobat installed on your system you can download it from the Adobe website.