Workplace Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Factsheets

To assist workplaces respond to alcohol and other drug related harm in the workplace, NCETA produced a series of factsheets about commonly used drugs and their impact on safety and well-being of individual employees, and overall safety and productivity of the workplace. Although the factsheets may be used as part of an education strategy to raise workers' awareness of the potentially negative impact of AOD on workplace safety and productivity and on thier own health, the data about harms and the recommended levels of drinking contained in them has now been updated. 

Updated Information

Current data about alcohol-related harms in the workplace is available on the National Alcohol and Drug Knowledgebase (NADK) website.

The up-to-date guidelines for low risk drinking may be accessed from the Australian Government Department of Health website.

To download PDF copies of these factsheets, click on the links below. Alternatively hard copy versions can be obtained by completing an order form. Click  here to download an order form.

Factsheet 1.jpg Factsheet 1 - Alcohol and Work  (pdf 294KB) Factsheet 2.jpg Factsheet 2 - Cannabis and Work (pdf 157KB)
Factsheet 3.jpg Factsheet 3 - Amphetamines and Work (pdf 153KB) Factsheet 4.jpg Factsheet 4- Ecstasy and Work (pdf 149KB)
Factsheet 5.jpg Factsheet 5 - Other Illicit Drugs and Work (pdf 151KB) Factsheet 6.jpg

Factsheet 6 - Prescription Drugs, Over-The-Counter Medications and Work (pdf 158KB)

Factsheet 7.jpg Factsheet 7 - Tobacco Smoking and Work (pdf 159KB)

Please note: the above PDF files require Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Acrobat installed on your system you can download it from the Adobe website.