Workplace Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Data and Information Sheets

To assist workplaces respond to alcohol and other (AOD) drug related harm in the workplace NCETA has produced a series of data and information sheets about the prevalence of commonly used drugs among the Australian workforce and response strategies.

These data factsheets can be used to assist with the conduct a risk assessment to determine the extent of potential AOD related risk in individual workplaces and to assist with determining an appropriate response strategy.

To download PDF versions of these Information and Data sheets click on the links below. Alternatively hard copies of the Information and Data sheets can be obtained by completing and submitting an order form here.  

WP_Brochure_2011.jpg Pidd, K., Roche, A.M. & White, M. (2011). Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing. National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction, Flinders University, Adelaide. (PDF 2,317 KB)
Infosheet 1_small.jpg Information and Data Sheet 1: Workers' Patterns of Alcohol Consumption (PDF 159 KB)
Infosheet 2 small.jpg Information and Data Sheet 2: Workers' Alcohol Use and Absenteeism (PDF 144 KB)
Infosheet 3 small.jpg Information and Data Sheet 3: Responding to Alcohol and Other Drug Issues in the Workplace (PDF 130 KB)
Info Sheet-4 small.jpg Information & Data Sheet 4: Drug Testing as a Response to Alcohol and Other Drug Issues (PDF 133 KB)
Infosheet 5 small.jpg Information & Data Sheet 5: Illicit Drugs in the Australian Workforce: Prevalence and Patterns of Use (PDF 149 KB)