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Methamphetamine Symposium Slides, Video Presentations, & Resources

20 May 2015

The National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA) hosted The National Methamphetamine Symposium: Making Research Work in Practice on 12 May 2015.

Speaker Presentations

Pdf versions of the speaker presentations and audio visual recordings of all the presentations may be downloaded from the Speakers and Presentation Slides page. Speakers who presented at the conference included:

  • Ann Roche
  • Nicole Lee
  • Edward Ogden
  • Richard Murray
  • Amanda Baker
  • Paul Dietze
  • Dina Saulo
  • Rob Hester
  • Ken Pidd
  • Nadine Ezard
  • Paula Ross
  • Lynne Magor-Blatch

A presentation on user/peer perspectives was also provided.

Methamphetamine Publications and Resources

NCETA assembled a variety of publications and resources which were provided to attendees at the Symposium. These publications and resources may be of interest to policy makers, researchers, and practitioners. Although some of the resources are a little dated, they still represent some of the best resources available as at May 2015. View the list of resources on the Methamphetamine Publications and Resources page. 

Summary of Symposium Proceedings

The Symposium focused on the identification of current patterns and trends in use, and best practice interventions with a particular emphasis on prevention and early intervention with high risk groups. The importance of early identification and finding ways to assist people to receive treatment early before problems escalate was particularly highlighted.

Download a summary of the symposium proceedings.