WorkLife Services

Consultancy Service

Alcohol and other drug related harm in the workplace is a complex issue. There is no ‘one size fits all response' and any response should always be tailored to suit the specific needs of individual workplaces.

In recognition of this, NCETA offers expert advice on a consultancy basis to individual workplaces on a range of work related drug and alcohol issues including:

  • workplace alcohol and other drug policies
  • workplace alcohol and other drug intervention strategies
  • tailored employee awareness and education sessions
  • tailored supervisor and occupational health and safety staff training programs
  • evaluation of education, training, and intervention strategies.

Dr Ken Pidd and the NCETA team adopt worker-well being and occupational health and safety approach to workplace drug and alcohol policies which incorporate both the prevention and treatment of alcohol and other drug issues in the workplace.

For information about our consultancy and other support services that are available to workplaces, contact us directly on:

Phone:    +61 8 8201 7535
Fax:        +61 8 8201 7550